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37 Interactive Entertainment Named 2017 Best A-shares Public Company in the Media Industry

Source: 37GamesDate: 2017-12-01

Suzhou, Nov. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 4th Summit of Best A-shares Public Companies & Best Investment Bank Leaders was held on Nov. 18th in Suzhou, China. Leaders and experts from over 100 public companies, 20 securities companies, and various investment corporations in China attended the grand gathering.

The 2017 ranking of A-shares public companies was revealed at the meeting. 37 Interactive Entertainment (Stock No.: 002555.SZ) was ranked 13th among the 2017 Best A-shares Public Companies, and 25th among the Top 500 A-shares Public Companies of Greatest Prospective Value.

37 Interactive Entertainment was also ranked No. 1 in the Most Advanced A-shares Companies by Industry ranking (in the media industry).

As shown in its Q3 financial report, 37 Interactive Entertainment in the first three quarters of 2017 had total revenues of RMB 4.46 billion, up 21.7%, among which the total net profit of shareholders was RMB 1.21 billion, up 61%. The company succeeded to maintain its momentum of profitability in the rapidly changing gaming industry.

2017 is a year in which 37 Interactive Entertainment has achieved significant breakthroughs in its development and publishing of mobile games, and its overseas publishing business. This greatly improved the company’s capability to raise revenues.

As shown in its semi-annual financial report, 37 Interactive Entertainment’s mobile games business generated total revenues of RMB 1.543 billion, up 196%. It’s worth pointing out that Yonghengjiyuan (simplified Chinese version of Blades & Rings), the megahit mobile game developed by the company’s signature development team, Aurora Studio, generated revenue of up to RMB 410 million in one month, with one day even earning up to RMB 70 million in China. Within about a month after the launch of Awalongzhiwang (simplified Chinese version of King of Avalon) on the company’s mobile games platform, 37 Mobile Games, the game achieved more than 300,000 DAU and a total revenue of RMB 36 million on Android alone.

37 Interactive Entertainment’s overseas publishing business has also gained a huge boost recently. In the first half of 2017, the flagship title Yonghengjiyuan frequented the App Store and Google Play Top 5 lists in various regions such as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea. It generated a total revenue of up to RMB 70 million in one month in overseas regions. During the same period, the company’s revenues that came from overseas mobile games business reached RMB 367 million, up 181%. In the latter half of the year, Zhenmoqu (the traditional Chinese version of Demon Seals) was launched and very well received in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. It reached 2nd place in Macau’s Google Play Grossing Rank. In the Southeast Asian regions, Swords of Immortals reached the 2nd place in Malaysia’s App Store Grossing Rank. ZhuXian-??????????????? (Thai version of Swords of Immortals) reached 4th place in the grossing ranks of Thailand’s various app stores. The Thai version of Blades & Rings also emerged on the country’s App Store Top 10 list shortly after launch.

In the meantime, 37 Interactive Entertainment set foot into new niche markets. Archangel H5, the HTML5 game developed by the company, has been widely acclaimed since launch. This will improve the company’s profit in the future.

After investing in X.D. Network (the company behind the critically-acclaimed Taptap platform) earlier this year, 37 Interactive Entertainment recently released an indie game called Puzzle Blocks for smart devices. The innovative title got featured multiple times on the App Store homepage and category pages.

The mobile games development and publishing business has become a stable factor for 37 Interactive Entertainment’s profitability. The rapidly growing overseas publishing business, HTML5 games business, and indie games investment also stimulated the company’s already successful growth. At the Investor Relations Summit of Chinese Public Companies held this September, 37 Interactive Entertainment was named Value Leader by virtue of its brilliant performance and great potential.

The 4th Summit of Best A-shares Public Companies & Best Investment Bank Leaders was jointly held by Valueline Magazine, China Economic Net, Xinhua Net, assisted by CRD Net, China Business News, and Sina. This year, a series of ranking lists, including Top 28 Advanced A-shares Companies by Industry, Top 10 A-shares Investment Banks & Most Improved Investment Companies, 2017 Best A-shares Public Company Chairpersons & Secretaries to Chairpersons, were published based on the data model developed by Nanjing University and Beijing Normal University. At the grand conference, the A-shares public companies and their executives that gave a brilliant performance over the past year received commendations and applause. Various industry leaders shared their experiences and wisdom while pointing out the various methods used in obtaining such ground breaking results.